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2.5 DOs and DON'Ts
The following design system was crafted to define a unified brand visual and voice for IMDb Freedive. These guidelines and accompanying design toolkits serve as aids for IMDb and our partners in achieving global consistency across all of our digital and print communications. The following sections outline how to use our brand logos, colors, typefaces and key art. Consistent use of assets according to the following guidelines will help reinforce the IMDb Freedive image and strengthen brand recognition.
Brand guidelines are updated periodically. Ensure you are referencing the most updated toolkits. Rev.01.23.2019
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What is IMDb Freedive?
IMDb Freedive is a free streaming video channel that enables customers to watch hit movies and TV shows without purchasing a subscription.

IMDb Freedive is currently available in the United States on via desktop, and on all Amazon Fire TV devices. On Fire TV, simply say "Alexa, go to Freedive," to immediately access, browse and enjoy free movies and TV shows. Fire TV customers can also find IMDb Freedive in the, "Your Apps & Channels" row.

As IMDb is the parent brand to Freedive, we are leveraging brand elements to present a visual connection between the two, leaning into IMDb brand awareness and affinity, particularly within the entertainment space. Freedive creative should be optimized to help excite and engage viewers at all touchpoints. Aligning to the IMDb brand, viewers will recognize the bold brand colors and cinematic visual effects that are consistent with other IMDb video treatments.
Four Primary Themes
These standards are born out of the following four primary themes, which together encompass what is true, different and special about IMDb Freedive:

Leaning In to the IMDb Brand Identity
Given IMDb's strong heritage and brand association with TV and movies, we are aligning Freedive closely with the IMDb brand identity of yellow and black, allowing customers to make a clear visual connection between Freedive and IMDb. Additionally, we include the IMDb logo in the tile treatment to explicitly reinforce this connection.

Visual Unification of Freedive
The name Freedive is treated as one word with the same color and font weight to reinforce the unified concept and draw equal attention to both "free" or to "dive," two words that separately may not have positive connotations.

Fungibility Across Form Factors
We considered the ability of the logo treatment to work well across many different form factors as a consideration for a successful logo treatment. The treatment must work well in one color or multiple colors at large, medium and small form factors. Accessibility and legibility were key factors in consideration of the treatment across these multiple formats and sizes.

Because the Freedive logo treatment will be displayed with many other tiles on multiple platforms, we want to ensure that our logo stands out amongst many tile treatments and "pops" in any setting.
Referring to IMDb Freedive
The IMDb Freedive brand identity includes words, phrases, symbols, designs and other distinctive brand features associated with IMDb and our services. IMDb Freedive is our official channel name, while, Freedive is the abbreviated name. Follow the guidelines below when using our brand in written communication, graphics and speech.
In all contexts, the full channel name, IMDb Freedive, should be used at least on first reference. IMDb Freedive will not be abbreviated to Freedive except in cases where space constraints required it; in these exception cases, the full IMDb Freedive name must appear elsewhere on the same page, and appear first on the page. This can be something as simple as the use of the IMDb Freedive logo as part of a page header, as seen in the sample image above. The abbreviated use of Freedive, as shown in the sample image above, should be limited to instances when a) the abbreviation is standard and will not interfere with the reader's understanding of the IMDb Freedive brand, and b) if repetition can be greatly avoided through abbreviation.

In written communication
and bodies of copy, always use title case, such as, "IMDb Freedive" or "Freedive," and never in all-caps as "FREEDIVE." Also note that the IMD in IMDb is always in all-caps, while the b is always lowercase. This capitalization treatment is part of the IMDb brand identity.

For placements in graphic content, the channel name should appear in all-caps as in, "IMDb FREEDIVE." This stylized visual treatment, as seen in the yellow banner above, has been carefully crafted and is part of the IMDb Freedive brand identity. Approved logo assets, in various configurations and color options, are available in the downloadable Design Toolkit for your convenience.

In voice and speech, refer to the channel as "IMDb Freedive" consistently, and never as, "Freedive from IMDb."
Rectangle Format
This is the primary IMDb Freedive logo. This is the recommended treatment for all marketing needs. The primary logo consists of two stacked wordmarks, IMDb and Freedive. In the primary logo, the ratio of "IMDb" is 25% of the total logo width. Three color options have been created for various use cases.
The Primary Logo consists of a black IMDb Freedive wordmark on a field of IMDb Gold (#F5C518). Use the Primary Logo when high visibilty to the official logo is key and whenever possible for maximum visibility. Most off-site applications will use the Primary Logo on a black or dark background. This is the standard treatment for all IMDb Freedive communications. Although placed within a field of color, the logo can be separated from the background, (e.g. placing the logo on key art). Additionally, the background color can extend beyond the 16:9 aspect ratio.

For all other branding opportunities, appropriate title treatments have been provided. Usage of the alternate logos is not restricted, however, the logo should be legible, purposeful, rational, and should serve to support the rest of the presented content.
The 2-Color Logo consists of an IMDb Gold (#F5C518) and white wordmark on a black or dark background. Use in circumstances when multiple colors can be displayed or printed.
Use the 1-Color Logo when only a single color is available or where the quality of the full color logo is not guaranteed, (e.g. small applications such as merchandise or step-and-repeat walls.)
Required Clear Space
The required clearspace is the protective area around the logo and ensures no other elements come into contact with our logo. The IMDb Freedive logo clearspace is defined as 2x the width of the letter "I" in FREEDIVE. This is a universal rule and should be applied when using any of our logo variations in digital or print. The clearspace/margin is referred to as X.
File Size

The IMDb Freedive wordmark mimimum allowable size is 150x40px or 1" wide. Use the stadalone Freedive wordmark when the logo is smaller than the mimimum allowable size. The mimimum allowable size is 150x40px.
When vertical space is limited and a horizontal orientation is required, "IMDb" and "Freedive" must sit side-by-side. In this situation, a dividing pipe creates hierarchy and provide separation between the IMDb and Freedive display typefaces. The pipe grounds IMDb as the parent brand, and Freedive as the secondary brand. Note that the pipe graphic is part of the logo, should scale with the entire composition and should not be recreated or stretched. The horizontal format of the logo, in available color options, can be found within the Design Toolkit.
Use the Primary colorway for maximum visibility.
Use the 2-Color option for dark backgrounds and opportunities with multiple colors.
Reserve the 1-Color option when use of color is limited.
Format +
File Size
The IMDb Freedive wordmark mimimum allowable size is 150x40px or 1" wide. Use the stadalone Freedive wordmark when the logo is smaller than the mimimum allowable size. The mimimum allowable size is 100px.
The IMDb Freedive wordmark mimimum allowable size is 150x40px or 1" wide. Use the stadalone Freedive wordmark when the logo is smaller than the mimimum allowable size.
Use the Primary Logo when high visibilty to the official logo is key and whenever possible for maximum visibility.
Use the 2-Color Logo for circumstances when multiple colors can be displayed or printed.
Use the 1-Color Logo when only a single color is available or where the quality of the full color logo is not guaranteed.
File Size

The IMDb Freedive wordmark mimimum allowable size is 150x40px or 1" wide. Use the stadalone Freedive wordmark when the logo is smaller than the mimimum allowable size. The social profile image mimimum allowable size is 55x55px.
The following icons are a visual representation of our brand and are only approved for use in specific scenarios. Ensuring appropriate usage will create a seamless experience.
IMDb Freedive is establishing the gold and black play button as an ownable graphic element. The gold play button can be found in the IMDb Freedive logo animation, the intro video and on the Watch Bar. The signature button is a visual metaphor for a keyhole that takes viewers into a deep dive of the IMDb Freedive collection. Use the following play button icons whenever there is a play experience available and enabling the button results in a viewing experience.
Black-On-Gold Play Button
The black-on-gold play icon is the primary and preferred color treatment.
Gold-On-Black Play Button
The gold-on-black play icon is reserved for use cases where a reversed version will create better visibility.
Social Icons
The primary use of the following icons are to promote the IMDb Freedive presence on social media. These icons should be reserved for social profiles only, or in scenarios with extremely limited horizontal space. Clicking on these icons should take the user to a destination that includes learning more about the Freedive service.

Round Social Icon
Formatted for circular profile photos, as seen on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
Square Social Icon
Formatted for square profile photos, as seen Twitch.
Dos and Don'ts
The following brand guidelines can help you determine the best way to represent the IMDb Freedive brand. Adhering to these guidelines will ensure consistency in our brand identity. If you require an asset that is not available, contact
DO NOT warp, stretch, or alter the brand mark. This includes squeezing, skewing, distorting condensing, or adjusting the layout or design.

DO keep the original proportions.
DO NOT use the logo in a sentence as text.

DO use the letters "IMDb Freedive" as text.
DO NOT recreate any elements of the brand mark.

DO use original files as provided in the Design Toolkit.
DO NOT apply any filters or textures to the brand mark. This includes shadows, glow effects, outlines or other embellishments.

DO add a very subtle tone-on-tone drop shadow if it helps with legibility.
DO NOT create an outlined version of the brand mark as an alt for a two-color version.

DO use the one-color version when using two colors is not ideal.
DO NOT use the uncontained version of the word mark on a very busy photograph or pattern.

DO use the word mark in its bounding box OR optimize the background for legibility when using the uncontained logo.
DO NOT place elements too close to the brand mark, or place the brand mark in a way that encroaches the clear space requirement.

DO give the logo proper clear space of at least 2 "I"s width on either side, above, and below the brand mark.
DO NOT adjust the proportions of the brand elements.

DO use the stadalone 'Freedive' wordmark when the logo width is smaller than the mimimum allowable size of 100px.
DO NOT use colors or color combinations other than those specified within these guidelines.

DO select an approved colorway that is most optimized for your use case.
Dos and
Please contact @trademarks for broadcast, print and any deviations from the following:
Do not use Amazon Trademarks as a verb (e.g. Just Freedive that movie on IMDb Freedive).
Do not use Amazon Trademarks as a pun (e.g. Take advantage of this Prime offer with Prime Video).
Do not use Amazon Trademarks in possessive form (e.g. Freedive's content selection).
Do not use Amazon Trademarks in plural form (e.g. There are a lot of Freedive's to watch).
Review the Brand guidelines and if needed confirm with the Brand team the right logo to use.
Amazon Trademarks should not be altered in any manner, including but not limited to, changing the proportion, color, or font of the Marks, or adding or removing any element(s) from the Marks.
Do not directly combine 3P trademarks with Amazon Trademarks (e.g. [3P Brand Name] [Amazon Trademarks]. Instead, use "Get [Amazon Trademark] when you sign up for [3P Brand Name]'s service")
Any use of the Amazon Trademarks should have reasonable space between each side of a Mark and other visual, graphic or textual elements. Under no circumstance should the Marks be placed on any background that interferes with the readability or display of the Marks (e.g. words with a moving background are hard to read). Do NOT blend or merge the Amazon Trademarks with 3P trademarks. We should avoid placing 3P logos in a way that implies ownership or control of the Amazon Trademarks.
If you need to have a 3P mark with Amazon Trademarks you can use the | symbol between the marks, do not use symbols such as +, x, &. Logos should be the same size.
Do not use TM, or R symbols beside Amazon Trademarks. They are not legally required and exceptions set a dangerous precedent (with trademark owners demanding similar treatment for subsequent uses). Exceptions require VP approval.
Unless otherwise instructed by Amazon, the following attribution language should be included in 3P materials that display Amazon Trademarks: "IMDb, IMDb Freedive and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates."
NOTE: the attribution should reference any additional Amazon trademarks used in the marketing materials (e.g. Echo, Alexa).
Color Palette
Our color palette plays a vital part in how we present our brand. It's what unifies our franchised and communicates IMDb as bold and authoritative. The IMDb Freedive primary brand colors are IMDb Gold, Black, and White. IMDb Gold should appear most prominently anywhere the official brand logo is required.
IMDb Gold
RGB (digital)
R: 245 G: 197 B: 24

CMYK (print)
C: 4 M: 21 Y: 98 K: 0

PMS (spot)
Pantone 7406

HEX (web)
RGB (digital)
R: 255 G: 255 B: 255

CMYK (print)
C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0

PMS (spot)
Pantone White

HEX (web)
RGB (digital)
R: 0 G: 0 B: 0

CMYK (print)
C: 75 M: 68 Y: 67 K: 90

PMS (spot)
Pantone Black

HEX (web)
Amazon Ember is the approved font for all IMDb Freedive graphics and marketing communications. It is acceptable and encouraged to use varying font weights to create visual interest and establish information hierarchy. The IMDb Freedive sweet spot is a combination of Light, Regular and Bold variations. Use of the Thin, Heavy and Condensed weights are also acceptable and appropriate when trying to create extra emphasis.

When written out in text/copy, capitalization should be in Title Case, as in, "Freedive." When presented as a logo, the format should be in All Caps. (Brand fonts and logo vector files are provided in the Design Toolkit.)
Key Art
The "title grid" is part of the static key art image assets that appear in various Freedive placements across IMDb, Prime Video, and FireTV. These placements can be found across the IMDb Freedive landing page, the Prime Video collections page, the FireTV carousel tile.
Key Art Composition
Guideline around bokeh texture to come
Key Art Tile Grid
The key art tile grid consists of a mix of featured tv and movie faceouts.
Tile Pop Outs
To distinguish the IMDb Freedive tile grid from competitors and establish an ownable look, we created an element of surprise and delight via integrated 'pop outs' of several tiles within the key art composition. (See "Heroes" tile, outlined in red, for an example.)

Pop outs, (or vignettes), are natural extensions of the strategically placed tiles, and used when and where it makes sense. As a general rule, we avoid covering key content, such as titles and faces, on neighboring tiles. This treatment is subtle in that it does not call too much attention to any one specific tile or studio, yet eye-catching and inviting that the viewer might do a double take and be inclined to take a closer look at the other featured tiles.
As of 3/7/19, video bumpers will play the first three times a customer ever plays any Freedive titles. The goal is to explain what Freedive is so customers understand this is free, ad-supported content. (Users will see commercials). We may increase or decrease the frequency of this bumper or a replacement for this bumper in the future

The IMDb Freedive voice over tone is friendly, approachable, and knowledgable. Music should be upbeat and punchy, while sound effects help to make the videos memorable. Messaging: "Welcome to IMDb Freedive, bringing you Hollywood hits and TV favorites for free with ads. Enjoy."
The following specs will ensure an seamless hand-off between stakeholders and a smooth execution.

- Resolution shall be at 1920x1080 or higher
- Bit depth shall be 8-bit
- Display/picture resolution shall be 16:9 and sample/pixel aspect ratio shall be 1:1
- There shall be no pillar box and letter box on left, right, top and bottom
- Bit rate (CBR) shall be 15 Mbps or higher
- Profile shall be main or high profile
- Color space shall be 4:2:0
- Video frame rate shall be constant at 29.97 fps or higher
- Both video coding format and display format shall be progressive
- Video codec shall be H.264/AVC

- The number of channels shall be 2
- Codec format shall be PCM or AAC-LC
- Bit rate (CBR) shall be 192 kbps or higher for AAC-LC compression
- Bit depth shall be 16 or 24 bit
- Sampling frequency shall be 48 kHz
- Audio stream shall be present for English only. Multiple track audios shall not be present

- Closed caption shall not be present

- Both audio and video shall be present in the ad mezzanine
- File format shall be flat/progressive MPEG-4 (.mp4)
- The file size shall be less than or equal to 10GB
- File duration shall be :06-:60 seconds, depending on use case
- Audio and video duration shall match. The maximum tolerance of audio and video duration difference shall be half of the audio sample duration, 10.67 milliseconds.

- Ad mezzanine shall be submitted without leaders, i.e. slates, countdowns.

- Ad mezzanine shall not be concatenated. For example, it is not acceptable to concatenate two 15-second spots from the same or different brand(s) to form a 30-second commercial. Each brand's advertisement shall be standalone and represent one commercial.
3.3 LANDING PAGES Landing Page

3.D Landing Page
IMDb Landing Page on for desktop.
Prime Video
Prime Video Landing Page
Prime Video Collections Page on for desktop.
FireTV Home Screen
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